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About To Seek the Wind of Sorrow

'To Seek the Wind of Sorrow'.To Seek the Wind of Sorrow: The latest, long awaited, novel from the Author of Western Canada's gripping thrillers.

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From the dry and deadly wastes of the Sahel to the forested green mountains of the Pacific Northwest comes a plan, years in the making, costing millions, that has already taken the lives of brave and gallant men. So devious, so complicated yet, in many ways, so simple it has matured and needs only the time and place to come to fruition.

A geologist, stepping in to help rescue school children from a burning school bus becomes the unwitting linchpin in a global conspiracy. His unexpected love affair with the wife of a British Diplomat sets in train a series of cascading events.

An architect, a quiet, older man, once a member of France's feared DGSE now retired, from that world of darkness to a quiet haven to heal a broken psyche, but is still as deadly as a sleeping serpent refuses to be drawn back into that world of pain.

This is the unfolding story of a, long planned, devastating attack coming to fruition on the unsuspecting underbelly of Canada to harm both the USA and Canada. The story of a man who dies trying to give warning, and of the men and women guarding the walls of civilised society who follow every whisper of rumour, often wrapped in a fog of disinformation, that dissipates even as they reach to grasp. Those whose mission is to guard nations are faced with the unbelieving, the dismissive, the scornful who put faith in technology and empty political rhetoric. Frustrated, only dimly aware a terrible event has been planned yet not knowing where or when but sensing they're in a desperate race against time.

Every catastrophic event that should have been predicted by the portents seems in retrospect to have been obvious; especially when picking through the bloodied wreckage and broken bodies. Nassim Talib called these events, 'Black Swans' when writing about catastrophic misjudgements in the financial world. However Black Swans can and do arrive unannounced in any occupation with devastating results. The men and women tasked to keep our world safe from terrorist attacks are highly motivated and above average in intelligence but then, so are the men and women ranged against them.

Evil disguised can walk into the most secure environment for there are no longer any safe places and Black Swans are becoming more frequent.

ISBN: 978-0-9681787-8-2
Format: Softcover
Price: $19.95

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