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Anthony Bruce.Anthony (Tony) Bruce was born in a small mining town in Zambia on the Congo border in Central Africa. His childhood was very similar to the life described by Karin Blixen in Out of Africa and he spent much of his youth hunting and fishing in the bush country. After completing his military commitment in the Royal Rhodesia Regiment he was trained by the Nchanga Corporation as a Mining and Engineering Surveyor. He married young and had two children. During this time the winds of change were sweeping through Africa and he and his family began travelling. As a family they worked and lived in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom before immigrating to Canada. Here he trained as a commercial pilot in Victoria, BC, and on completion ferried a light aircraft to England via Greenland and Iceland. Prior to leaving Canada he was hired as an air survey pilot to fly in Zimbabwe for a two-year period before transferring to the Namibian Desert to work on the Rossing project, where much of the story in The East Wind is set.

Returning to Canada he worked for various Canadian companies who sent him travelling again. He has lived and worked in Malawi (railway project), Kenya (wheat research / construction), Colombia, Ecuador (mining), and Indonesia (water-resource development) with short periods back in Canada between contracts. Recently he and his wife purchased a piece of raw forest on Saltspring Island and lived in a battered mobile home for three years while building their dream home and are slowly turning five acres of wilderness into a self-sustaining enterprise.

The new novel, The Consequence of Memory, departs from the previous adventure/political/espionage thrillers, The East Wind, To Taunt a Wounded Tiger, A Lie to Comfort the Dying and The Gatekeeper of Lies to a murder on a lonely hill in Kenya, that touches the lives of three men in Canada and a woman in South Africa and introduces detective Stephen Njoroge.

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