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About To Taunt a Wounded Tiger

'To Taunt a Wounded Tiger'.It can happen anywhere: Random violence, terrorism, cruelty, but there are some who will not go gently into that dark night.

Victoria's Empress Hotel is the setting of the adventure novel by Anthony Bruce, currently living and writing on Saltspring Island. This previously-published book, To Taunt a Wounded Tiger, is the author's second. His first novel, The East Wind, also has a strong Victoria connection.

To Taunt a Wounded Tiger charts events that follow the political skyjacking of a jet-liner bound for South Africa. Among the passengers are 20-year-old Colin Mornay and his 6-year-old cousin Laura, members of a prominent Victoria industrial family. Coincidentally, while the sky drama is unfolding, the Empress Hotel is welcoming delegates to an international conference aimed at reducing Middle East tension and combatting world terrorism. It is this very clash of ideologies that has inspired the skyjacking, and while the international community remains transfixed and helpless, Laura's father embarks on a seemingly impossible mission to retrieve his daughter and nephew.

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... Colin, face still smarting from the blow, stared at the hijacker, unable to believe what he had just heard. Laura sobbed and he reached across to soothe her. Rafa's words came back clearly,

"There are three things you should never do," Rafa had said. "Never piss into the wind. Never lie, unless it's to comfort the dying, and never, ever, taunt a wounded tiger."

Now, he thought, now you bastards, you will find out what it means to taunt a wounded tiger and may God help you..."


Read what Arthur Black of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said about the novel To Taunt a Wounded Tiger:

"... Imagine my surprise when To Taunt a Wounded Tiger turned out to be a vigorous, suspenseful and riveting read. The plot is clever and plausible, the characters are believable and the settings (which happen to include the Gulf Island I live on) are sublime.

"I recommend To Taunt a Wounded Tiger to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. You won't be disappointed."

—Arthur Black

Read what Anthony Jenkins said:

"At a moment of personal crisis, David Mornay seizes the chance to fight back against international terrorism... And so Victoria's Empress Hotel, in its sedate and traditional grandeur, becomes the nerve centre of a fast-paced thriller that links the politics of three continents.

"... the twists and turns of this action-packed novel are often surprising but always convincing. Anthony Bruce keeps tight control of his story's many episodes in ways which involve the reader from start to finish."

—Anthony Jenkins, Author

Superb! An international thriller right out of today's headlines.

CIP: C97-910062-3
ISBN: 0-9681787-0-7
Pages: 160, 5.5" x 8.5"
Price: $18.95
Second printing.

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